Our Link building Services

We offer a full time extensive link building campaign. This is our most popular product and we offer it on a monthly pre paid basis. New accounts can start on the 1st or the 15th of the month – whichever is more convenient to you.

Both campaigns together make a good combination.

Our campaign no 1 consists of a Link Building Agency executive working on 5 of your keywords or phrases. Our executives will work on a maximum of 3 accounts meaning they will do a minimum of 2/3 hours per day on your account/website. Together we will choose your 5 keyword phrases and our executive will set to work to make sure you are appearing high on the rankings for these terms. We will spread your website and keywords far and wide using forums posts, blogs, directory submissions and article postings. In 1 month we will typically submit over 1000 manual links for your site meaning you will get between 150 – 250 organic manual links per month. Of course all of this is done by human hands without the help of any link building software.

Our Link Building executives will submit a monthly report to you showing where we have placed your website out there in Cyberspace.

We specialise in managing targeted link building campaigns though we also offer full Seo link building services ie on page and off page optimisation dependent on your firms needs.

Our second campaign is our contextual link building campaign. This is a different strategy and is where SEO meets Public relations. Our Link Building executives will work on procuring 12 links for you via building relationships with related website and blog owners. We personally write to website or blog owners and ask permission from them to ‘guest post’ on behalf of our clients. We then write a unique post in house and send to the owner. This procures for our clients a related link and direct traffic. Often we get 2 links from the same blog post. Furthermore we then submnit each blog post to 25 social bookmarking sites. This strategy is time consuming but efficient at getting related links.

Both campaigns together make a good combination and we offer 10% off the total price.